Steel And Grain, modern furniture, custom wood furniture designs built to be functional, durable, and beautiful.

Functional. Durable. Beautiful.™





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Our Story

Steel & Grain is born out of a love for creating custom furniture pieces and works of art that combine the natural grains and texture of wood, with the strength and elegant lines of steel. We’re on a journey to find new ways to build one of a kind pieces using raw materials, sourced locally, to create artworks of natural beauty that will last generations.


Our Vision


Here at Steel & Grain we love seeing peoples’ faces light up at the sight of something beautiful. It's our desire to add beauty to this world and to your home with the one of a kind pieces that we create.




Kevin received his own set of hand tools when he was only 10 years old. Even at a young age he showed a fascination with building, fixing and most certainly breaking things apart to see how they worked.


His creative curiosity has led him into a wide range of construction and manufacturing experiences. He apprenticed with professional masons, expert carpenters, and skilled designers. Through these experiences he has learned the art of working efficiently, perfecting his unique process, minimizing wastes of time and materials.


He has a passion for adding beauty to the world with each custom-made piece he creates.



Steel & Grain is committed to making functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing one of a kind furniture pieces and works of art that our customers can enjoy for generations.

Our Mission




Steel & Grain designs tables, chairs, living room, kitchen and dining room furniture, which are unique functional pieces that are built to last a life time. We do this by combining strong elegant steel with natural wood grain that reveals the natural beauty of the material.

Steel And Grain - wood furniture.




Steel & Grain uses salvaged, reclaimed,and up-cycled wood along with wood milled from sustainable natural resources.


We believe that the best designs are those that combine strength and simplicity. Our primary inspiration is the natural beauty of the raw materials we choose to use.




Other Services


From traditional concrete applications to custom colors and finishes we can create the right solution at the most valuable budget for your

next concrete project.


 Combine the benefits of years of expertise with a passion for perfection and that's our recipe for outstanding construction services. PA Licensed and fully insured contractor


Quality of materials and eye for detail are the touchstones of our fabrication process and it shows

on each project we do.


We remodel your living space with structural additions and expert finishing work. Our professionalism and expertise ensure any project big or small will be just what you were looking for.

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Steel And Grain, modern furniture, custom wood furniture designs built to be functional, durable, and beautiful.

Functional. Durable. Beautiful.

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